After 15 years at suite 305 in the Fairmont building we have moved to suite 414! One floor up and opposite end of the building.
What is LAIR?
The LAIR Centre is an independent non-profit organization based in Vancouver, British Columbia. It consists of a team of physicians, nurses and support staff with Dr. Edward Tam as Medical Director. Our exclusive focus is the delivery of innovative and comprehensive patient-centered care. The LAIR Centre actively participates in clinical trials to enhance treatment options for patients. Working together, this results in a significant contribution to the validation of new therapeutic avenues. Patient care, medical/health education and promoting awareness continues to be an important focus of our organization.
Comprehensive care is achieved through a holistic approach that includes screening, consultation, diagnosis, treatment, follow-up and support services all at the same location. The facilities at LAIR Centre are a modern comfortable decor custom built from studs up and having been carefully designed by an interior design firm with our specifications and needs in mind. Oh and we do offer wifi.
LAIR Centre have a team of specialized staff to deliver the highest level of care possible including specially trained staff to handle financial assistance via Special Authority/Pharmacare and other avenues if possible. The team is dedicated to specialized efficient care at the highest level while maintaining short wait times. We are proud of what we do, we are committed to excellence and include integrity and knowledge as our hallmarks. Our staff annually attend national and international conference to support our commitment to knowledge.